5 Reasons You Need Coconut Oil in Your Life Right Now

by guest collaborator Cristina de Sas

There’s no doubt that nature gives us the most amazing ingredients, and it’s no coincidence the beauty industry has been using them for decades, especially coconut oil. 

Coconut oil is undoubtedly one of nature’s MVPs and here at BVD we want to know what makes it so darn special, that’s why I took to one of my trusted collaborators to give us the low-down in a nutshell –pun totally intended. 

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Once again nature nailed it in the head by giving us these tropically wonderful round nuts; the oil paste that is drawn from them is so multi-tasking it seems almost miraculous. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, plus a myriad of other compounds that make it an amazing product and a must-have in all our beauty routines. 

Here are the top 5 beauty uses for coconut oil :

1) Body Wonder

Beauty experts, dermathologists and estheticians agree that coconut oil is perfect for hydrating dry skin, easing up harsh wrinkles, diminishing skin discolorations, even treating skin burns. Coconut oil can avoid bad scarring and has enough antioxidants that it’ll help keep your skin supple and firm for a longer time. It absorbs quite easily and hydrates for long time, talk about having a healthy glow!

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2)   Hair Savior

When it comes to hair, this oil is beyond incredible! It actually has proteins that help it adhere to the hair strands and hydrate it to the core, meaning you’ll have shinier, stronger and healthier hair in no time. Bonus points: It can make dandruff disappear. Coconut oil hydrates the scalp BUT it doesn’t make your oil glands overreact, this stops the dryness causing your skin to flake without making you look like a greaseball. Win-win scenario.

1. Grab a dime-sized dollop of coconut oil
2. Melt it in your hands and apply as a hair mask
3. Comb through and leave it on for an hour
4. Wash your hair like you normally do
-Repeat 3 times a week for bombshell hair-
— BVD Beauty Tips

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Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

3)   Face Rescuer

This should definitely be the go-to moisturizer for people with acne, psoriasis and rosacea. It doesn’t estimulate your oil glands, or clog your pores, its antiseptic component kills bacteria on your skin, and it helps keep your skin moisturized and supple. Men can even use it as an aftershave balm for the exact same reasons.

4)   Makeup Remover

This has become a super common practice nowadays, even more so with countless celebrities using this miracle-worker as an all natural makeup remover and more. Like we mentioned before, its antiseptic component will make your skin the cleanest, softest, most hydrated of all. J

Grab coconut oil with your fingertips and gently rub around the eyes and lips.
This will remove even the most waterproof of mascaras & the mattest of lipsticks.
— BVD Beauty Tips

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5)   Bad Breath Exterminator

If you’re looking for the most natural product to add to your dental hygiene routine, look no further. By a method called oil pulling, which is basically swishing the oil in your mouth like it was regular mouthwash with the only exception that you do so for 20 minutes, it can diminish the amount of bad-breath-causing bacteria that live in your mouth. Do this in addition to flossing and brushing. Gums rejoice! 

Photo courtesy of New Health Advisor 

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