A Music Tell Tale from 2016

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With Coachella quickly approaching, it's no shame to look back on the best music filled moments of 2016. Specially this particular concert that became sort of an early Christmas miracle both for me and Mandy. 

The Story of Our Musical Friendship 

Here's a little context because who doesn't enjoy some nice storytelling? Ever since we first became friends I knew Amanda was my musical soulmate. We shared the same taste in music, liked the same bands, enjoyed the same songs, you know... the friend you can just hit Shuffle All and neither would complain or silently kill themselves in their heads because they "absolutely hate this song". 

Whenever I'd find the next unknown, garage, indie, folk, folk-pop, or quirky electro-experimental band, Mandy would always get a text, call or message about it and vice-versa. It developed into a whole music sharing system. We would analyze the music, point out why we liked it, the feelings, the sounds, the experience behind it. 

It was through our sharing system that we came to know both Young the Giant and Ra Ra Riot. Two of our now favorite bands, and by now I mean almost a decade ago. It was love at first hearing for both of us and I remember dreaming about seeing them live... Someday. Maybe...

About the concert

Well that dream became a reality after a brief call from Mandy telling me she had tickets for a YTG concert and Ra Ra Riot would be opening for them. Say whaaaa...? I obviously wanted to RSVP and mark off that day in my calendar, but how in the world are we going to make this happen? I replied with a shy: -ok...?! and a month later I found myself 2726 miles away from my home in Costa Rica, tickets in hand, on my way to the Greek Theater in LA. 

Young the Giant's New Album - Home of the Strange

Now, on to concert. It was an A+ ever since we parked. We walked 200 ft from the car and made it to the waiting area outside the Greek Theater. Which by the way looked more like an artisanal fair than a line for a concert. Craft beer, cool band souvenirs, perfect sitting areas, good food and cheery people outside. We -obviously- grabbed a couple of beers, local IPA for me and Stella Artois for Mandy, to "pre-game" if you may. 

Point the Way IPA

We may look drunk, but  are definitely not. 

Packed venue!

Photo courtesy of LA Cultural Events

We then proceeded to look for our seats. No lines, super friendly ushers and top-notch organizing, we were amazed. Our view of the stage was phenomenal, and there was a myriad of stalls in the ladies room (this is very important people!). So far, everything is perfect. 

After a couple of selfies, Ra Ra Riot came on to the stage and opened up with Too Too Fast from their 2008 album The Rhumb Line. Let me tell you, the sound was AMAZING! We began cheering, singing and dancing, naturally. The band was on tour for their new album Need Your Light, and at the end of their performance our minds were blown over how simple, perfectly equalized and impeccable it was. The level of musicians they are is astounding, and even though I really wanted them to play Ghost Under Rocks, and it didn't happen, I have no complains whatsoever. 

Ra Ra Riot killing it on stage! 

Photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

Now, for the moment everybody was waiting for. Young the Giant emerges on stage and a superb light show begins, laser beams, projections and coordinated animations on a giant screen accompany Sameer Gadhia's vocals. People immediately stand up and start cheering while they all sing the words to Jungle Youth. 

Sameer Gadhia was pure magic. 

Among my favorite lights, music and animations combo was Titus was Born. It gives me the chills just to think about it. Thousands of fish shaped beams flooded the stage, blue lights that looked like stars, the soft and airy vocals of the melodic piece and the band's incredible energy made this and every other song they played a journey. You would not only listen, you could see and feel. It was a multi sensorial experience. One that I'll always remember as one of the best concerts I have ever attended. 

They continued to play songs from their former albums, like Cough Syrup and Apartment, followed by vastly energetic tunes from their Home of the Strange album, the spearhead of the tour. Gadhia shared with the public how good it felt to be home in LA and where he drew the inspiration behind each song thus connecting even deeper with his fans. 

After they played the last song and walked off the stage, people started chanting to get one more song. YTG eagerly complied and played 3 more songs, the last one of which was the venue-breaking, euphoria-inducing My Body, the single that gave them their well deserved fame and recognition. 

Photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

Photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

Photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

We jumped, we sang, we screamed our hearts out, we took snaps, selfies and video, we felt and swooned. Hands down 2000 miles worth traveling for.  

Check out some of the clips from the concert below!

Thanks to Stephan Gray for the videos.

Which has been your favorite concert? Tell me in the comments below, I love to hear from you!

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