The Calm Before the Storm - A Retrospect on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of those days that makes me have mixed feelings about shopping. On one hand I absolutely adore the slashed prices, and on the other I am always shocked by people's insane behavior once the dreaded/loved Friday of sales comes.

That's why I usually barricade my doors and stay inside like there's a rampant zombie apocalypse in every mall, shopping center and store out there. It gets violent. 

On a brighter note, what I do do on Black Friday is online shopping. This time around I was able to score these aw-may-zing Zara feet contraptions. Behold their quirky nature and delicate ribbons. 

The stars of the show. Such divas, don't you think? 

They're sling backs, but they're also booties, Mary Jane pumps and lace-up ballet flats, all rolled into one shoe with the most perfect heel height ever made by humans. 

Below is the entire outfit, a combination of fast fashion errthang, with a pop of high-end goods. Just how I like my cocktails. And if you like my shoes as much as I like cats, then hurry up and buy them!

Check it out and tell me what you think about my fancy footwear. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Write it all up in the comments section. Love to hear from you guys! 

Shirt, skort, earrings H&M

Sunglasses Urban Outfitters

Bag Gucci

Shoes Zara


“These are the shoes a sexy Mary Poppins would wear for a girl’s night out”.
— BVD Thoughts

Tropicalia à la California. 


Officially making this my new living room. 

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