About a BOY

Today on BVD we shine a light on a not-so-well-known band that is pure love, love, love.  

Some of you might have heard about it, some of you may not. As a matter of fact, they're pretty popular in Europe, and their first-ever USA tour launched on March 1, 2013 with a sold-out performance at Joe's Pub, New York City. Hooray for them! 

They're called BOY, and they're a Swiss-German pop duo that's currently touring the Old Continent promoting their new pop-sterpiece. And don't worry if you're not convinced about them so far, it's not super cheesy bubblegum pop, it's more like a heart-felt, smooth pop-folk with cool doses of happy as I like to say. 

These are the super talented girls, singer Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass

Courtesy of BOY official website.

After a two-year hiatus to focus on song-writing, the duo released their second studio album We Were Here and it made it to the US early 2016. Personally I haven't stopped playing the 9 songs that make up the record ever since. 

Their songs are generally upbeat, with catchy rhythms that make you tap your toes or straight-up dance, storyline lyrics and a super #girlboss attitude. This album is no different; it takes you through some ups and downs, deep meanings and transport you to a musically crafty place.   

After listening to the entire album way too many times, I've nominated the following songs as my top 3:

Hit My Heart
Rivers or Oceans
New York

Go on! Listen to them and let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Yo can look them up online over here, on iTunes, YouTube and all over the webs.