Kiss, Marry or Kill Coachella Style

So Coachella's 2017 line up was released a few weeks ago and we were thinking... If you were playing marry, kiss, kill (figuratively, not literally you guys. We're all about peace here at BVD) with the days of the massive festival, which one would it be and why? 

Here's the lineup. Check it out, make your pick and keep reading to see what our editor said was her draw!

Mary Gomez - Arts & Culture Contributor

"I really can't take a definitive pick because there are bands that I would love to see live, but I also started to think... some bands are great but are they ~festival material~? That was my premise to start sorting them out."

Now, if the choice was merely based on my favorite bands, I would be torn as heck because I just looove the XX and Two Door Cinema Club (Friday and Saturday). But I think I would rather go to an individual concert and have the amazing experience I've read about on reviews of The XX shows.  On the same note, I would definitely buy tickets to see Two Door Cinema Club too. 

The sea of people      .     What if I have to pee? The anxiety!

The sea of people. What if I have to pee? The anxiety!

Furthermore and against worldly quorum, Beyoncé doesn't fit on my concept of Coachella somehow, then again, neither does Kendrick Lamar nor Radiohead... so I wouldn't rely on the "biggest" names of the day to decide. 

So going against my rationale I decided I would marry Sunday mainly because I am too intrigued about Hans Zimmer, The Lion King OST composer, being on stage and playing live. And also because it's the day in which the most amount of bands that I don't know play, and probably would never see them live if it was't for Coachella. Also Lorde and Future Islands? -- no comments needed. 

Here's my final K,M or K:

Kiss: Friday
Marry: Saturday
Kill: Sunday
Now, let's get tickets shall we? 

Now, let's get tickets shall we? 

What would your picks be? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you.

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