How Customized Hair Products Brought My Hair Back From The Dead : My Prose Story

Exactly one year ago I decided that it would be a great idea to fulfill my dream of having pink hair. I had seen it everywhere on social media, millions of pins on my boards on Pinterest, thousands of pictures saved on my phone. Mainly screenshots I had gathered here and there just as inspiration, never actually taking the plunge. But one day I finally had to guts to do it --this was the day my crazy hair adventure started.

I made my way to the salon and turned my hair pink in one sitting. From 10 AM until 7 PM we stripped my hair of all its natural color until it was basically a shade of platinum so the pink pigments would stick to it. This completely (and obviously) damaged my hair. A LOT.

Bleaching your hair weakens it and leaves it dry and brittle, but I never imagined how much it would actually hurt my hair and for how long. It was dry, dull and lifeless. No amount of coconut oil, argan oil or specialized hair masks were bringing it to a decent state. My hair was literally breaking off. I mean, one piece right next to my ear snapped and left me with a 4 inch chunk of hair that was around 10 inches shorter than the rest. It was awful. 

Needless to say, my pink haircolor didn't last that long and the amount of maintenance that it required pushed me to bleach and tone it back to a blonde mane, which would require *less* maintenance. (This is bleaching number 2 in approximately two months if you're keeping track of this).

After that I had silver hair for a while and then got bored, dyed it back to dark brown, which would fade more and more into a strange muddy-blonde-brown hybrid every time I washed my hair. Since it looked terrible, I dyed it brown again and cut off a lot of my ends, which at this point we're split into 5 and breaking with just looking at them. I went back and forth between faded brown, unintentional golden blonde, etc. Just adding more chemical damage with each color change, 6 times total.  

The health of my hair was at an ultimate low. I had officially destroyed my hair, and I could hear my mom in the back of my head saying "I told you so". So I tried everything in the market to make it look beautiful and healthy like it was before I bleached it to oblivion. I failed. 

Amanda Davila Hair Colors

My Hair Evolution

It was in my hair desperation that I learned about Prose, a company focused on customizing haircare solutions for your specific needs. I was intrigued and thought that perhaps it was this type of specilized hair care that I needed. One free of nasty chemicals, one where silicone, fragance and gluten are optional. Where the ingredients sourced are of the highest quality and formulated by an expert stylist just for your hair. So, I went for it, got the shampoo, conditioner and hairmask, and OMG am I glad I did! 

The customization process itself is incredible! They have stylists who will work on your personal formula, built by custom-blending ingredients from the curated portfolio of 76 highly effective, natural ingredients their team arrived at after lots of R&D in their Paris HQ. So fancy!

Prose Hair Box

The Box of Salvation

The first step is a fun quiz-type questionnaire that asks about your hair type and problems, and goes through the details all they way up to your nutrition, styling habits and the area where you live! This is extremely important because the levels of UV radiation, air quality and pollution affect the way our hair behaves, looks and feels on a daily basis. 

When they're ready, the products get delivered to your home straight from their lab in NYC, in the most instagrammable packaging. The branded box housed my shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask (and even though you can buy them individually, I say go big or go home). The thought and consideration of details is delightful. They explain every ingredient in each product, where its sourced and how it helps your hair, and the bottles have your name on the label. Cute!

Prose Hair Products
Prose Hair Treatment

I chose mine without silicone, just to see if that would make a difference (spoiler alert: it does), and chose the fragrance Elixir (that smells like a fresh field of flowers I would honestly bottle up and wear as perfume). Furthermore, the specific formula is crafted for my heat and chemically damaged hair and contains a specific blend of natural oils, lipids, organic honey and actives like collagen and hyaluronic acid to treat the destruction and bring my hair back to life. 

I can honestly say it has. After using these products exclusively, my hair has improved so much! It's like it was in a hungover slumber and then the Prose magic woke it up and made it so shiny, so smooth, so healthy. It's almost unbelievable how quickly it has worked. I have been able to air dry my hair successfully and with super good-looking results, I might add. I even made a slo-mo video for my IG, shaking the silky head of hair Prose gave me. That's how good it is. 

Amanda Davila Dry Hair.jpg



The dryness was real you guys.

Amanda Davila Prose Hair


Soft as a baby unicorn's hair

So if you want to take your hair from meh... to *bombshell*, Prose can blend exactly the right formula you need to say bye to bad hair days forever. 

Prose Hair Products

I mean...

Who can resist great hair (and pretty packaging)?! 


What do you think about customized beauty products? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you! 


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