The Easy Way To Master Winter Athleisure

Winter is arguably one of my favorite seasons. Some would say it's because I've never had to actually live in a place stricken by snowstorms and balmy minus whatever degree weather, shoveling snow and not feeling my toes for months because of the frostbite.

But despite my alleged winter ignorance... I do enjoy some cooler temperatures and the fact that everybody looks either so damn fancy in their winter coats and accessories, or completely miserable wearing pajamas over pajamas until the sun decides to warm up again. Whichever way you drink your winter Kool-Aid is fine with me. 

With that said, I present to you on this episode of "how to wear yoga pants as pants until they become one with my flesh" the easiest way to master athleisure on 25° F, or -3° C to all my metric system peeps (like myself btw). 

People are smart enough to be inside with heating, not me. 

Tip # 1
Be comfortable
— BVD Style Tips

Athleisure is really just an excuse to wear stretchy clothes outside of the gym, so go for it.  Some women might say yoga pants are not pants, but I say no to the naysayers. Yoga pants are quite simply the easiest layering piece of all. Start there and build your OOTD up.

I'm the proud owner of >10 pairs of black yoga pants. Maybe they're too many, maybe they're not enough. You make the call. 

Tip #2
Layer this cake.
— BVD Style Tips

Layers are key to keep you warm, so do the Audrey Hepburn thing and class up your athletic act with a black turtleneck. It never fails. And when you feel all fancy, bring it down to Earth with an oversized t-shirt underneath. Boom! You've now been upgraded to 2 layers. 

Let's do this "off-the-shoulder-thing" mmmkay?

Ant passersby.

Being all Posh Spice here. 

Tip #3
Get a statement coat.
— BVD Styling Tips

I think I've said this many times before: The easiest way to make your outfit go from zero to hero is adding a kickass top layer. It's like the cherry to your sundae, or the vinaigrette to your salad, or the pepperoni to your pizza. Just top it off like your outfit is doing jazz fingers. 

Ankle status: Frozen.

Ankle status: Frozen.

Considering whether or not I turned off the hair straightener. 

Tip #4
Carry a cool-kid bag.
— BVD Style Tips

It doesn't have to be any brand, color, shape of form. Just carry one that contrasts with your outfit and preferably has an opposing texture to the ones you're already wearing. Matchy-matchy is not usually my thing and taking a cue from the Coach trend I wrote about, the less likely pairing, the better. 

This is attached to my shoulder like a tick. 

This is attached to my shoulder like a tick. 

Faux furring because there's no pink-back gorillas. 

Metal chain smile.

Tip #5
Add some comfy kicks.
— BVD Style Tips

Laces, slip-ons, velcro, whatever strap method tickles you fancy, wear those. The ones you can walk 5 miles in and not die, wear those. If they're completely unrelated to the weather and your outfit, wear those. If you like them, then definitely wear them. Non-strict rules here, you know. 

Sperrys because I'm always on a boat. 

You’ve now graduated from our school of athleisure.
— BVD Academy

What do you think? Did I pass with flying colors or did I miss and ended up looking like a gorilla from Candyland? 

Let me know in the comments below! We can have some tea over it. 

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