Forever21 When You're Already 26? (gasp!)

One of the things I like most about fashion is that it allows you to be anybody you want to be on a certain day. At least to me, it presents an opportunity to tell a story and quite literally play dress up on real life. 

Today I was feeling bolder and more rocker chic than usual, so I put together a look using super affordable fashion and cool accessories to play it up. No shame in admitting I got some pieces from F21 and other fast fashion giants. Read on up to get the deets!

Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Vintage T-shirt

Forever21 skirt, bucket bag and chokers

H&M square scarf

Saucony sneakers

 I generally shy away from bold colors and neons, but today was different. When I found this bright orange wall, courtesy of the Fendi store at the Miami Design District, I knew it was the perfect backdrop for my ootd. 

This traffic cone colored wall caught my eye instantly.
— BVD Truths
The humidity in Miami is REAL! Pulling my hair up is the only way to survive. 

The humidity in Miami is REAL! Pulling my hair up is the only way to survive. 

Layering you chokers makes you look like you spent $300 on a Dylanlex piece, while spending $10 at F21. Score!
— BVD Tips


Tie your neck scarf around your bag strap to give it a little p-zazz. It’s like jazz fingers for your carryall.
— BVD Tips

Shopping for my look is only a few clicks away (and no, we won't tell anyone it's from F21): 

Outfit Inspo-Shopping

Go ahead and treat yo' self to a new OOTD.

If you want more shopping posts like this, let me know in the comment section below! I love to hear from you! 

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