I Finally Gave Biker Shorts a Chance

Yes, yes. I might be super late to get on this particular trend but hey… biker shorts ARE polarizing!

I’d seen this trend going around for a while now, but felt a little intimidated by it. In fact, I remember seeing a picture of Bella Hadid wearing a crop top and silver biker shorts and thinking to myself: “WTF is going on with these space shorts and why are we going this way?! Somebody please stop this!”

Fast forward some time, and I finally surrendered to the summer version of my beloved yoga pants. I found that part of my apprehension for biker shorts was my seeming inability to style them and feel ~cool~

Alas, I persisted and finally came up with an outfit that I didn’t feel ridiculous walking out of the house in. The recipe to it is very simple but key details make it work together.

You need:

  1. An oversize shirt.

  2. Your spinning pants of choice.

  3. A pair of tricky or inconvenient shoes.

  4. Cool accessories.

Let’s dive into the recipe, shall we?

BVD Amanda Davila


Now, I chose a t-shirt, but an oversize version of it with a sheer panel in the back that I got from Zara eons ago. (For you: pick a shirt that’s too long to wear with jeans and it will work. Preferably one with longer sleeves and looser fit)


Follow with your half pants of choice. The longer they hit on your thigh the more Chanel and less Soulcycle you’ll look. (Chanel actually sent long biker shorts and capris down the runway. Validation? Check).


Then add some type of inconvenient footwear that you wouldn’t likely see together with spandex clothes i.e strappy heeled sandals, cowboy boots or doc martens. This will make the outfit look more sophisticated or grunge depending on the direction you chose.


Spritz some funky accessories to make your outfit look styled and not thrown on. It’s all about balancing the casual sportiness with more elevated elements.

Voila! You now have a fashion cocktail worthy of IG.

Have you tried this trend? do you love it? Hate it? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below! i’d love to know what you think!