Hidden Gems in Costa Rica

On my last trip to Costa Rica, my brother Sebastian and I were wondering where to go for the day. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been before, plus we wanted to make the most out of my short stay in my home country.

That's when we thought of going to the Lankester Botanical Gardens in Cartago. It was only a 45 minute drive from San Pedro, we had never been there before, and the weather looked like it was going to behave itself (hopefully, since Costa Rican weather is extremely unpredictable).

When we got there, we took our tour map and were determined to explore every corner of this place, starting with the Orchid Garden, which is one of the major attractions. 

 While there, we learned that the Lankester Botanical Garden grows approximately 18,000 orchids and Costa Rica alone has approximately 1500 different orchid species; most of them grow on trees without causing them harm. 


On some fashion notes, for today I decided to wear something comfortable since I knew we were going to be walking a lot, yet I paired it with statement accessories to elevate the look and make it more unique. Also, black jeans are my absolute favorite since you can style them anyhow and they look good with almost everything. 

You can read the complete outfit details in the picture below. 

ZARA blouse

PAIGE denim jeans

SPERRY sneakers

ETRO handkerchief


After walking through the Orchid Garden we stumbled upon the Japanese area; a huge portion of the park dedicated to bamboo forests, ponds full of lotus flowers and even a traditional Japanese tea house. We walked through all the pathways and bridges, and enjoyed being the only ones there, allowing us to take some nice pictures.

Pathways along the Japanese Garden. 

These gardens sit on an impressive 27 acres of land, and the entire property belongs to the Universidad de Costa Rica, one of Costa Rica's major state schools,  after it was donated by a British scientist in 1973. Today it serves as a research and conservation center for biology and botany. 

Sebastian in the bamboo forest. 

Picture perfect lotus floating in one of the ponds in the Japanese garden. 

I could've roamed around in the bamboo forest forever, it was definitely my favorite part of this place. Sadly the rain rushed us to leave early. (Told you the weather was unpredictable). 

By the end of our tour through the Lankester Botanical Gardens we can say we saw orchids, ferns, succulents, bromeliads, and an impressive Japanese garden.

Definitely a must-go if you're ever in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Where is it? 

Paraiso, Cartago, Costa Rica

When can I go? 

It's open everyday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM