Borrow It From The Boys - Menswear Inspired Outfit

The only thing I knew today was that I wanted to tie everything I was wearing. Tie my shirt, tie my pants, tie my shoes, and so on. I also knew I wanted to wear a button down without looking like I was going to a meeting so, naturally, I raided Alex's closet for some hidden gems.

Lucky for me I found a Zegna shirt he never wears. That was my first AHA! moment of the day. It was silky, it was blue, it was huge and it had a pocket resemblant of my grandpa's pajamas. I clearly had a winner in my hands.

I put it on, closed two buttons and decided to tie it around my waist à la Carmen Miranda. "Yes!" I thought, "now on to the pants". The most obvious pairing were these H&M black tie-front pants I got literally years ago. They would add the drama and casual laissez-faire I needed to bring the button down from business meeting or Daisy Duke to cool Bon Vivantness. Goal achieved. 

Lastly, I added some calypso inspired earrings, also from H&M, because obviously I had to throw in some partaaay to my outfit. So there you have it, the 3 step process behind this menswear inspired OOTD. Now check it out for yourself and vote on my imaginary poll: Is this Peanut Butter and Jelly good? or perhaps more of a Strawberry Cupcake with Mustard bad? 

When I see people staring at my shoes.  

I was thinking about shawarma here.

I was thinking about shawarma here.

Is it a skirt? Are they pants? The magic of palazzos.

These earrings are a fringe skirt for my ears. 

I am always talking. Always. 

The trick is opening up all the buttons except the one covering your bits. 

This is when I felt the 1990s Cindy Crawford in me come out and pose. 

Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comment section below. I love to hear from you!

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