National Coffee Day, Costa Rican Style

One of the things I find funniest about the US is that there's a national whatever day, every day. I enjoy celebrating them, mostly when they involve sweets, coffee or cats, naturally. 

So, in order to celebrate National Coffee Day I am going to wave my Costa Rican flag way up high and put this amazing coffee shop right in the spotlight! 

Costa Rica is known for having some of the best coffee in the world and proof of that is this amazing little coffee shop and bakery in downtown San José. It's called Café Miel, and if you're a local, you already know about its existence and addictive deliciousness.

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There's less than a handful of CM's around the city, and despite their size (most of them have only 2 tiny tables and a counter) the line is out the door; and when you see that happening, you know what they're selling is good!

These babies are called Cookie Monster and Happy Ending. I mean... I'm drooling right now.

They have a small menu full of creative combinations crafted with both iced and hot coffee. They mix Chips Ahoy with tiramisu, Nutella with amaretto liquor, Vanilla Wafers with butterscotch... I could go on and on. Café Miel is a sweet tooth's paradise. 

If you like your caramel, nutella, irish cream, chocolate and butterscotch with healthy doses of caffeine and whipped cream on top then this is your place. Forget about the calories and make sure you squat 25 extra times the next time you work out. Life motto. 

Always ask for the crocante, it sells out everyday. 

There's so much goodness crafted at Café Miel, most of their sweets sell out everyday. It's kind of like the CR version of Dominique Ansel. 

So, if you're in San José, make sure you bring your friends and insulin shots. This place is the bomb!