Monday, Dressing Down Casual

Because some days you just don't want to dress up. 

Some days I struggle between dressing up and putting together what is considered a "cool" outfit, and putting on whatever I feel like wearing for the day. Whenever I go with the first, I find myself feeling uncomfortable, stupid and like I'm trying waaaaaaay too hard. What is cool anyways?

So most of the times I end up wearing something that matches up with my activities for the day. If I'm just running errands and grabbing coffee, I'll usually go for a jeans and -fill in the blank- type outfit, whether that's a sweater, shirt or top and then try to jazz it up with some nice shoes and what-nots.

Lately the weather has been getting warmer and warmer, making jackets and sweaters obsolete (much to my despair), and since it's not completely scorching hot either, I have to choose whether to have bare arms or bare legs. Never both. It's not summer yet.   

After all, clothes are meant to represent your mood, activities and the person you want to be for the day, and sometimes you simply want to be a patent-shoed, ripped jeans you. And that is fine with me. 


What do you dress for? Tell me in the comments below, I want to hear from you.