Reversible Jackets Are Twice As Fun

The story about this puffer coat is quite as confusing as to why I'm posting winter outfits in the Spring. 

This all began when I brought all my winter coats on my last trip to the East Coast and being the overpacker I am, they didn't fit in my luggage when flying back, so I left them in Miami until our next trip. 

"I don't need these thick coats in California" is what I thought, and I squished all of them in garment bags and proceeded to hang them in our Miami closet. 

Little did I know, a trip to snowy Aspen was coming up, and I was coatless. So Zara came along to save the day last minute. 

My frozen face is not nearly as awkward as this pose.

I was (still am) currently obsessed with mustard (the color that is), and I saw this awesome puffer coat on and knew I had to have it. 

It was like 1 AM, and I was punching in the numbers of my card to buy this coat, the last one in my size. I clicked all the necessary buttons only to receive a notification that the order was not processed due to some issue. "OH NO! My coat!". It was the perfect size and the perfect prize... I was bummed. 

Look! It's a parka if you turn it inside out! Yaaasss

I gave up my search for the perfect coat and decided to brave the cold with what I had in my closet. But to my surprise, the day before we were leaving, I found a package outside the front door.

It was the coat! 


"But wait... did they charge my card? How many times did they charge it? Did they charge it? Huh...? This is weird and cool at the same time." 

This waffle knit pullover is the best. 

I found out that they did in fact charge my card, just once, and the order processed normally. 

I had the coat! Victory was mine! I was (still am) so happy with this purchase. It's a puffer jacket on one side, parka on the other and the fur is detachable! So it's basically like 4 coats in one right? Right. It's extremely warm and perfect for cold weather, and the best thing of all is that it has a hoodie. God knows I love hoodies. 

I wore thermal leggings everyday thenkyuverymush. 

So I wore it almost every day both inside and out, and it was the perfect coat for this weekend getaway. 

Needless to say, it'll be hanging in my closet until further notice. Summer is indeed coming. Bummer... 

Have you ever seen an item that you know you have to have? Let me know in the comments below, I love to hear from you!

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