Happy Shoesday! Leandra Medine's Exclusive New Collection is Out Now

If there's one thing that gets me pumped up me is when cool bloggers team up with fashion brands to create awesome things together. Last week was no exception. 

Leandra Medine is by far and long my favorite quirky lady boss, and she just launched a shoe collection for Net-A-Porter. (Just in case you've been living under a rock these past 6 years, she's fashion's sparkliest, most rainbow-gleaming, maximalist fashion blogger/editor that has ever lived on the surface of this here planet. Her NY based media empire is called Man Repeller, and if you haven't read what these hilarious girls have to say about fashion, culture and being a weirdo grown-ass woman, then you have to go check it out right now! But come back afterwards, don't leave us hanging, we still have some cool stuffs cooking over here. 

Coming up: Pictures of Leandra, so you two get acquainted. 

Layering pro, Leandra Medine styles rainbows around her feet. 

Casual Friday at the office attire; menswear revamped to shimmy with the girls.

Pink boots make for a galactic cowboy ensemble complete with a handbag perfect for tea drinking with the Queen

Gurl, let's talk about shoes!

Shoes baby! We might have drooled on the keyboard looking at these precious. 

Her shoe line goes by "MR" instead of the full name because according to LM, "it sounds better than Man Repeller in the luxury footwear context" and it is made up of 5 different styles of shoes that co-exist together in different colors, heights, materials and uniqueness. There are slides, loafers, platform sandals, knee-high boots and mid-calf boots as well.

Being the maximalist, color loving persona that she is, (maybe she just lives in my imagination), the shoes she gave birth to perfectly reflect her personality and approach towards fashion: fun, unexpected, and massively expressive. We also love the funny names she chose for the shoebabies. Read on to learn them by heart, we'll quiz you at the end.

In Man Repeller's website, Leandra shares where she drew inspiration from. It includes Prada throwbacks from 2009, slides that can very well be on the Olsen twins feet right now, and the perfect balance of a tough but feminine loafer. 

Get on my feet right now I say!

Now that you've learned all the basics of her collaboration, it's time to shop (maybe literally, or maybe just virtual window shopping -we're pros at that). 

Shop According To Your Favorite Style


"The Alternative to Bare Feet" are the quintessential loafer for the girl who wants menswear made girly. 


"The Morning After" embossed slides come in red and gold, both with detachable ribbons. These are our personal favs. Fashion ballerina forever. 


The "LOL If You Think I'm Waking with These" are made for a night out. High enough for your face to be where the oxygen reserve is and comfortable enough so that you don't lose a toe after dancing. 


The "I'm Here to Party" and "I'm Really Here to Party" boots are playful, eccentric and could easily be the pièce de résistance of your weekend outfit. (Geez... Italics party over here.) 

* * All pictures were obtained from ManRepeller and Net-A-Porter

Go on, let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you love 'em? Hate 'em? Already got 'em? We love to hear from you!