The Easiest Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes must be one of the most tedious parts about doing your makeup, but hey! Sometimes we have to do the dirty job. So in honor of the #newyearnewme bandwagon, I decided to incorporate this super easy brush cleaning routine into my weekly life (which I probably should have done already, but I shamefully confess that I don't wash them as regularly as I should). 

Let's begin, shall we?  

My Sonia Kashuk dirty troopers.

Everyone ready for the foam party.

According to makeup extraordinaire Bobbi Brown, these are the cleaning rules:

Foundation and concealer brushes: Once a week
Eyeshadow brushes: Once every two weeks
Powder, bronzer, blush brushes: Once a month

Now that we know how often we should be cleaning our brushes, I present to you the easiest way to do it. No special products, or groovy mats, or drying racks. NONE!

The 5 Step No-Nonsense Brush Cleaning Party


1. Pick a gentle facial cleanser.

I chose this Neutrogena Naturals one because it doesn't have any sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes or harsh chemicals, which means it'll treat my brushes like the kings (or queens) they are. You can also use baby shampoo or Beauty Blender's, Sephora's or any other cleaner if you like. 

Good for my skin, good for my brushes. That's the logic right?


2. Pour onto a small plate.

I like using a white plate because it allows me to  visually gage the level of cleanliness the brush is achieving. Yes! (Keep on reading to understand this statement.) 

Getting the party started.


3. Dampen your brush.

Try to avoid water from hitting the glue that joins the bristles to the handle, this will only loosen it and ruin your brush. Nobody wants that to happen. 

Nice and easy, no water on the glue or the handle. 


4. Swirl your brush on the plate with cleanser.

This will loosen up the makeup, dirt, bacteria and debris that have accumulated on the bristles of the brush. As you keep going the soap will get dirty. Rinse the dish and repeat the process until the brush is clean. 

Dancing queen.


5. Lay them flat to dry.

Once you're done doing this process for all your makeup brushes, squish the excess water, reshape the bristles with your fingers and lay them flat to dry. 

You can see the Dancing Queen third from left to right. All nice & clean.

Voilà! Clean brushes for the win!

Perfect makeup application awaits.

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