The Selfie That Will Save Your Skin

What if I told you that your next beauty consultant would be an 11 x 15in device hanging on your wall?

We've come a long way both in beauty products and technology in the past few years, but I'm personally amazed by the incredible creations where they both intersect. 

One of these -almost magical- inventions is the HiMirror which, very much like the name implies, is a hi-tech mirror that  doesn't tell you you're the fairest one of all, it actually helps you be it.


Much like any other smart mirror, this one tells you the time, weather conditions, syncs up with your Google calendar and plays music on Spotify, but what sets it apart is the fact that it analyzes your skin and gives you a customized skincare routine based on your complexion and specific needs for it. 

How does this magic work you say?


You basically take a picture with absolutely no makeup on using the mirror's super high definition camera. The HiMirror's technology gathers data about your skin discolorations, sun spots, wrinkles, pores and fine lines. It then uses the info to tailor a skincare routine for you, and it even keeps track of the progress.


As if that wasn't enough, you can actually scan your beauty products by holding the barcode up to the camera, and the mirror will send you reminders about any approaching expiration dates, as well as allow you to input feedback on the products you are currently using. 

The HiMirror even includes facial and voice recognition capabilities, which allows more than one family member to reap the benefits of automated skin analysis. 


 You can take this skin wizard home for $189 for the regular model and $256 for a Pro model which includes different lighting settings for applying makeup.

This is the first smart mirror of its kind, and it will be available on their official website, starting October 17. 

Would you purchase this beauty gadget and trust your skin to it? Or do you think it's unnecessary luxury? Tell me in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

** All images are from HiMirror official website