The Skincare Routine That Changed My Skin For Good

We all know the quest for flawless skin is a never-ending one, and it takes trying tons of products and dealing with the occasional sensitivity flare up to find the good ones. 

After a lot of trial and error I can say I finally landed on a short and simple list of products that I love and have worked wonders. This is skincare that's made my skin smooth, glowy and granted me no-foundation-necessary status. Win!

If you also want to change your skin for good, then check out the products I've been using that completely transformed my face. 


Step 1 - Triple Cleansing

This is my 1-2-3 approach to thoroughly remove stuff from my face. 

Trader Joe's Cleansing Oil.jpg

Step 1

First I use an oil based cleanser, like the Argan and Coconut Oil one from Trader Joe's. I work it well all over my face and focus on removing every bit of mascara from my eyelashes because none of us should have raccoon eyes the next morning. After I feel like everything has been oiled up, the cleanser emulsifies and lathers up a little, and rinses out super easily with warm water taking away all the makeup you rubbed of. 

Simple Micellar Water.jpg

Step 2

Micellar water removes every little bit of makeup, dirt and grime without stripping your skin of its natural oils. All without tugging or rubbing too harshly. I grab a pair of cotton pads, soak them with micellar water and work them on my face and neck. There's always some leftover foundation or lipstick left here and there, and this really does the job of lifting any residue.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

Step 3

Now, given the fact that micellar water doesn't need to be rinsed this step is optional. I like doing it because I find it refreshing and almost ritualistic. When I was closer to 20 than 30, like I am now, this was my only cleansing step and ditching it for good feels too foreign. This makes my skin feel squeaky clean but hydrated, and that's important. 


Step 2 -  Toner... sort of.

Grease Lightning Lush

Grease Lightning by Lush

This product has been a life changing one. It's an herbal gel blend of thyme, tea tree and rosemary with organic aloe vera gel, witch hazel and grape juice. It calms and soothes irritated skin and works great to prevent pimples and hormonal breakouts all while leaving skin matte.  It's supposed to be used only in problematic areas, but I tap it all over my face to halt any pimples before they even form. The witch hazel and tea tree are used frequently in toners, and the grape juice has a natural form of AHA that helps with skin renewal and serves as a great antioxidant. Did I mention it's vegan?


Step 3 - Oil Serum

Oliology Vitamin C Oil

Vitamin C  Oil by Oliology  

Now this is where my skin really improved. Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in skincare these days and rightfully so. It helps boost radiance, fight against free radicals, diminish dark spots and pigmentation due to sun damage and help collagen production. It also helps skin's elasticity and makes it feel supple, firm and hydrated. This one in particular is made with 100% moringa oil, which has 5 times more vitamin C than an orange, and considering the prices of other luxury vitamin C serums riddled with chemicals and fillers, this all natural one takes the trophy. I'm on bottle number 5 of these and my skin has never looked better before. 


Step 4 - Moisturizer

Elta MD Barrier Renewal Complex

Barrier renewal Complex 


by Elta MD

I began using this moisturizer after my dermatologist recommended it and I love it. It hydrates the deepest layers of the dermis and improves the texture and tone of skin, as well as wrinkles and fine lines. It has essential lipids, ceramids, vitamins and enzymes that strengthen the skin barrier and restore its natural hydration system. And to top it off, it has hyaluronic acid, the go-to skincare active when it comes to achieving youthful skin. It also has trendy ingredient niacinamide, that helps reduce inflammation and redness and squalane, a plant-derived supercharged antioxidant oil. 


Step 5 - Sunscreen

La Roche Posay Ultra Light Sunscreen

Anthelios UltraLight sunscreen 

by la roche posay


Sunscreen is KEY when it comes to achieving skin that doesn't need foundation. I like this one in particular because of it's texture. It's very liquid so it distributes pretty smoothly and it absorbs very fast. I also like that it has a matte finish since the oil and moisturizer from before can leave skin looking a little too oily. This sunscreen tones it down and leaves it looking dewy and not like a grease ball. It does put more of a ding on the wallet compared to other sunscreens, but I find that cheaper ones can be too greasy and personally cause me to breakout. 


And there you go! I do this routine twice a day, everyday (skipping the SPF at night obviously). Rain or shine, no exceptions. I've been doing it this way for approximately 5 months now, and I can definitely say it has made my skin achieve another level. It has been more clear, more even toned, more plump, healthy, glowing and smooth than ever before. People compliment my skin often, and they ask what foundation I'm wearing when I'm wearing none. Truthfully, it's just these ingredients on a regular basis and being super diligent about cleansing skin really well every night.

Achieving great skin is possible, and it doesn't require high-end brands and extra luxe products with ingredients we don't know how to pronounce. All it takes is some patience, key active ingredients and a little discipline in order to get rid of your foundation for good! 

Amanda Davila Skin

Products used

Blush: Nars in Torrid

highliter: MILK makeup in lit

Mascara: Better than sex by too faced

foundation: none

filter: none

Do you have a strict skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.